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Staying Safe and Not Being Banned

Certain game developers do not allow automation programs like Chimpeon to be used with their games. In fact, some state in their EULA or TOS that their use is not permitted. Some developers even go as far as trying to detect their use and if discovered ban or suspend the player from playing their game.

Before we start, it should be noted that most game bans and suspensions are for the use of bots. Chimpeon is not a bot, it's an auto clicker/key sender. It does not alter game memory, CPU processes or files. It simply "presses" keys and mouse buttons just like you do. However, there is still a possibility of detection and this guide will help you minimize or negate that chance.

Below we describe the measures you can take to help you stay safe and not be banned...

Change the Name

During the installation of Chimpeon you have the option to change the location and name of the installation folder. Whatever name you specify will be adopted by the Chimpeon exe, Windows process, Start menu shortcut and folder, desktop shortcut, taskbar and titlebar.

Pick Your Method Wisely

Each Action has a Method setting (1, 2, 3). This setting determines how Chimpeon sends keystrokes and mouse clicks to a game. Method 1 and 2 are the "safest" and least detectable. Method 3 is more likely to be detected but it may be the only Method that will make Chimpeon work with certain games.

Randomize the Order of Groups

Enable (tick) the Randomize Groups Order setting so the order in which Groups are checked is random instead of sequential. This prevents games from detecting repetitive checks and associated key/button "presses" that are unchanged in the order in which they are performed.

Randomize the Delay Between Each Group

Specify a value for the Delay Between Groups setting and enable (tick) the associated Random setting. This prevents games from detecting repetitive checks and associated key/button "presses" that are unchanged in the frequency they are performed.

Don't Be Blatant

If you leave your character in the same place killing the same mobs for hours, other players may notice your automated actions. It is therefore advised you position your character in an area that few players visit. Positioning your character in an area with a lot of players will increase the chance of a player reporting your automated actions to the game developer. Be subtle!

Don't Brag About Your Insane DPS

If you use Chimpeon alongside a game rotation addon, your DPS will likely be insane. People will ask, "How do you get such high numbers?" Simply tell these people you're leet ;)

Press a Key Yourself

It has been reported for certain games that as long as a player is physically pressing a key to perform in game actions then they are not breaking their EULA or TOS. Chimpeon has a cool feature that will enable you to press/spam just one key yourself in order to perform in game actions such as a combat rotation. Here's a PDF guide on how to configure Chimpeon to do this...

This works great when combined with a game rotation add-on.

Use Chimpeon on a Remote PC

Using Chimpeon on a PC that is remote from the game PC is the ultimate way to stay safe. This is accomplished using Splashtop, Steam In-Home Streaming or a similar streaming method. Click here for further details and instructions for how to use Chimpeon on a remote PC.


Chimpeon is used at your own risk. Fly Software Limited do not endorse the automation of games where such an action breaks the associated TOS/EULA. Fly Software Limited is not responsible for any game bans, account bans, or financial loss as a result of using Chimpeon.

Despite all that jazz, using Chimpeon is legal. Have fun with it!

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