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Automate almost any game including MMORPG, FPS, Roblox, Windows Store, browser, GeForce NOW and Android (emulated)

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Powerful Automation Tools

Configure Chimpeon to press a key or perform a mouse action after detecting a pixel or when a timer expires

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Chimpeon Overview

Automate almost any Windows game

Chimpeon is a key sender and auto clicker that automates actions in almost any game played within Windows. This includes MMORPG, FPS, Roblox, Microsoft Store, browser, GeForce NOW and Android (emulated). Anything you can do with a keystroke or mouse action, Chimpeon can do too!

Chimpeon is easy to use and enables the automation of in-game actions in minutes (without the need for third-party "unlocking" software). Simply use the intuitive interface to determine when Chimpeon should "press" keys and perform mouse actions. Once configured, press start to make Chimpeon play your game!



Chimpeon is packed with features that provide almost limitless game automation possibilities

Trigger Happy

Chimpeon automates games by responding to Triggers. These are configured to perform conditional processes such as detecting a pixel or waiting for a timer to expire before an associated action is performed such as pressing a key or performing a mouse action.

Super Fast Pixel Detection

Detecting a pixel at a fixed or variable position in the game window has never been faster. Whether you want to detect when a spell icon is ready in an MMORPG or move the crosshair to a target in an FPS game, Chimpeon gets the job done pronto.

Macro Machine

Chimpeon can record then automatically perform repeatable actions in a game such as moving from point A to point B or pressing a sequence of buttons. Imagine Chimpeon controlling your game in the exact same way, over and over again!

Packed with Power

Chimpeon can be configured to perform a task when any of the following conditions are satisfied: a pixel is detected; a date/time is reached; a thread becomes idle; a timer expires; another action is performed n number of times.

Action Hero

Chimpeon can be configured to perform any of the following tasks when a condition is satisified: press a key; perform a mouse action; perform a macro. play a sound; send a text string; stop Chimpeon; start again.

Streaming Ready

Chimpeon works alongside popular streaming solutions so games running remotely on another computer can be automated. This enables the safest way of automating a game.

Control Freak

Status hot keys can be configured to automatically or manually turn automation processes (Triggers) on and off so only the ones you need at specific times are available and used.

Captain's Log

While Chimpeon is started, everything it performs is written to a log so you can conveniently see what happened and when it happened... perfect for debugging and optimising your configurations.

Undercover Operative

Chimpeon is one of the safest ways to automate a game because it doesn't alter game files, memory or CPU processes. It also includes mechanisms to help avoid detection and remain ban-free.

Disability Aid

If you have a disability or injury, Chimpeon can ease the physical demands of playing a game by performing certain actions for you while also allowing you to continue playing yourself.

Quality Assured

Chimpeon is developed and distributed by Fly Software Limited - a reputable UK software company. It is code signed and is guaranteed to be free of third-party addons and applications, viruses and malware.

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Chimpeon automates a wide range of actions in almost any game

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