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Nothing happens in-game

Despite our best efforts, Chimpeon may not work with certain games. However, before you consider your game to be unsupported, read the Chimpeon 101: Getting Chimpeon Working With a Game.

Chimpeon stops when it "Performs" a Status Hot Key or a Group

There is a bug in Chimpeon that stops automation. The cause of this is because:

  • Method 3 is used when a Status Hot Key is the value of an Action's Perform setting.
  • Method 3 is used when a Group is the value of an Action's Perfom setting.

You can resolve the problem by using Method 1 or 2.

Modifier keys don't work

Games handle modifier keys like CTRL, Shift and Alt in different ways. We've tried to make Chimpeon support all mechanisms but there are some we simple can't.

Try changing the Method setting for your Actions.

If a modifier key still doesn't work, there is often an alternative way to support the associated game action - like creating an in-game macro or assigning it to a non-modified key.

An in-game action is not performed

When using Chimpeon, certain in-game actions may not be performed for any of the following reasons:

  • The in-game global cooldown is active.
  • The in-game action is on cooldown or unavailable.
  • The Action associated with the in-game action is disabled.
  • The Group associated with the in-game action is disabled.
  • If the Time Interval option is specified for the Action On setting of a Group, it may be exceptionally long (i.e. you have added too many zeros!).
  • If the Trigger Pixel(s) option is specified for the Action On setting of a Group, the associated X and Y and/or colour may no longer be valid. Refresh them or redo them!
  • The Key/Button setting for the Action associated with the in-game action is incorrect.
  • Chimpeon has not been started!

Many of these problems can be resolved by simply checking your Chimpeon settings are correct. Other problems may require you to specify and adjust further settings.

For further help, read the Chimpeon 101: Getting Chimpeon Working With a Game.

Using the Tigger Pixel(s) option for the Action On setting of a Group is normally preferable when configuring combat rotations. Simply set the X and Y and colour or colour range of a pixel within an active/available in-game spell button or other applicable in-game graphic (like a spell icon shown by a rotation addon). However, if the Time Interval option is used instead, refer to the notes below about in-game cooldowns.

The In-Game Global Cooldown is Active

Many games have a global cooldown that is activated when certain actions are performed in-game. Global cooldowns differ in length from game to game and even from character to character, and each prevents other actions that share the global cooldown from being performed. For example, the button associated with a Wizard's Firebolt attack is pressed and as a result the global cooldown is activated. The button associated with a Wizard's Icepole attack is then immediately pressed but because the global cooldown is active, the Icepole attack is not performed in-game.

If you have an in-game action that is not performed or is performed erratically, and you are using the Time Interval option for the Action On setting of a Group, specify the milliseconds of your game's global cooldown in the Duration setting of the associated Action. Chimpeon will then "press" the associated key or mouse button for the length of time specified which will help to ensure the global cooldown has expired and the in-game action becomes useable. Alternatively, specify the milliseconds of the global cooldown for the Post Delay setting of an Action to ensure the next in-game action becomes useable.

NOTE: If the Time Interval value is frequent, and a Duration and/or Post Delay value for an associated Action is also specified, there will likely be a noticable delay in keys and mouse buttons being "pressed" by Chimpeon. The Duration and/or Post Delay value should therefore only have a high value (e.g. 1000 milliseconds) if the associated Time Interval value is of a resonable length (e.g. over 6000 millisends).

The In-Game Action is on Cooldown or Unavailable

Certain in-game actions have their own cooldown that prevents them from being performed until the cooldown expires. Other actions cannot be used until a certain in-game prerequisite is satisfied. For example, a Wizard could have an ability that only functions if the previous attack against a mob was dodged.

If an in-game action is not performed, firstly check the prerequiste is being satisfied. Secondly, set the Time Interval option for the Action On setting of a Group to a value slightly higher than the action's cooldown. If that doesn't help then set the Duration of the Action associated with the in-game action to a value that matches the game's global cooldown.

Crazy fast mouse movement

It has been reported that moving the mouse while Chimpeon is started can cause "crazy fast mouse movement" in a game!

We are confident the Chimpeon build rectifies the problem but because we have been unable to replicate it ourselves we do not know for certain and we hope users will contact us if they continue to experience it or if the latest build fixed it for you. The problem may also be evident if the Attach to 'Send To' setting (introduced in is enabled (ticked). Disable (blank) this setting to see if it resolves the issue.

One thing users may be mistaking for a crazy mouse movement bug is specifying a mouse button option (Left, Right, Middle) for the Key/Button setting of an Action in Chimpeon. Specifying this will cause the mouse pointer to move to the specified location and perform a mouse click. If the X or Y coordinate of the mouse button setting is set to a value near the edge of the game screen and the camera is rotated in-game while Chimpeon moves the mouse pointer then performs a click, the camera will appear to move eratically. Delete or disable the Action to see if the crazy mouse movement stops!

If the mouse button Action is not the cause of your crazy mouse movement, then you may be experiencing a game bug caused by Windows screen scaling. This bug can occur regardless of whether Chimpeon is installed or started. To check and rectify, perform the following actions:

  1. Exit your game and Chimpeon.
  2. Open your Windows Control Panel (type Control Panel in Search Windows).
  3. Select Appearance and Personalisation.
  4. Select Display.
  5. On the Display window (see Fig. below) click the Set a Custom Scaling Level link.
  6. In the Custom Sizing Options window (see Fig. below), set the percentage value to 100%.
  7. Click the OK button then the Apply button then logout of Windows when prompted to.
  8. Login to Windows, run your game and then Chimpeon.

Custom Sizing Options

Fig. Control Panel > Display > Custom Sizing Options

If the above solutions do not correct your problem, please try the following:

  • Set your game's runtime exe to Windows XP compatibility mode or Windows 8 compatibility mode.* Windows XP compatibility mode is normally only available for 32 bit versions of games; AND/OR
  • Set Chimpeon's runtime exe to Windows XP compatibility mode;* OR
  • If you use multiple monitors, place you Chimpeon icon and the game window on different desktops. Swap the combination around, exiting then running Chimpeon each time you move its icon to a different desktop. Crazy as this seems, this solved the problem for one user!

*Windows XP Compatibility Mode is found in the Compatibility tab of the exe's properties.

If you continue to experience problems with crazy fast mouse movement or incorrect pixel colour detection, please contact us.

Performance Deteriorates After Chimpeon is Started

If the performance of Chimpeon, your Windows system and/or your game begins to deteriorate when Chimpeon is started, it is likely Chimpeon is running too fast and using up too much CPU (this is particularly evident if more than one instance of Chimpeon is running and started. This is particularly evident if your PC is of a high specification. Basically, Chimpeon needs to be slowed down (because it runs like a rocket on amphetamines).

You can slow Chimpeon down and as a result, normally improve Chimpeon, system and game performace by performing one or both of the following actions:

  • Specify a value for the Delay Between Groups setting.*
  • Specify a value for the Loop Delay setting.*
  • For each Action, specify a value for either the Pre-Delay, Duration or Post Delay settings.*

*Due to differing PC specifications, there is no one value to suit all users. It is therefore advised you start with a high value of say 300 milliseconds for the Delay Between Groups and Loop Delay settings, and 100 milliseconds for the Pre Delay, Duration or Post Delay setting, then reduce the values until your performance issues are resolved.

It has also been noted that running Chimpeon in Windows XP Compatibility mode can cause a drop in framerate (FPS) in certain games. Remove Windows XP Compatibility mode from Chimpeon.

Automation stops after a short period of time

Until a Chimpeon Annual Licence is purchased and used to activate Chimpeon, in-game automation will stop after a short period of time. The countdown starts as soon as you press the Start button or Start hotkey and will end without warning. Of course, you can start Chimpeon again but it will continue stopping after a short period of time until a Chimpeon Annual Licence is used to activate Chimpeon.

Buy a Chimpeon Annual Licence

Activating a licence

Until a Chimpeon Annual Licence is purchased and used to activate Chimpeon, in-game automation will stop after a short period of time. To activate Chimpeon, perform the following actions...

  1. If you haven't done so already, download then install Chimpeon.
  2. If you haven't done so already, buy a Chimpeon Annual Licence.
  3. Launch Chimpeon.
  4. Click the Help menu.
  5. Click the Activate option to open the Activate window.
  6. Specify the email and password you used to sign-up for an Chimpeon account.
  7. Click the Activate button.
  8. If activation is successful, begin the fun!
  9. If activation is unsuccesful, please contact us (detailing the problem and any error message).
Chimpeon is deactivated when another Chimpeon is activated

The number of annual licences in your account must match or exceed the number of Chimpeons you want to activate. If not, you will need to purchase more annual licences or an activated instance of Chimpeon will be deactivated when another instance of Chimpeon is activated.

If you are running multiple instances of Chimpeon on the same PC, and the number of annual licences in your account matches or exceeds the number of instances, refer to the Help - Activating Multiple Instances of Chimpeon on the Same PC.

Authentication Failed

If you see an Authentication Failed window when you try to activate Chimpeon, it is because you have specified the wrong password. This is the only reason why this message appears. Please ensure you use the correct password - they are case sensitive. If you continue to have trouble, please reset your password then try again.

Accepting notifications

How many dungeons, raids, battlegrounds or battles have you missed by not accepting the "join" notification? You can configure Chimpeon to accept these notifications for you so you never miss one again!

If a notification is accepted by pressing a key (like Enter or Return) then configure Chimpeon to "press" this key.

If a notification is accepted by clicking its associated button (like Join or OK), perform the following actions:

  1. Configure Chimpeon to "press" the mouse button you would normally use to click on a notification button (normally the left).
  2. Specify the X and Y coordinates of where the notification button appears in-game.

If a notification automatically closes after a period of time, set the Activate On Time Interval value for the associated Group to be less than this time. This will ensure the notification is accepted before it is closed. For example, if a notification closes 30 seconds after it appears, set the Time Interval value to 29000 (29 seconds) or less.

Dead mobs remain targetted

After killing a mob (enemy), its corpse may remain targetted and prevent your character from automatically attacking other nearby mobs. If this occurs, it is likely you can create an in-game macro to untarget a dead mob, change target or only target a live mob. Configure Chimpeon to use this macro.

Looting dead mobs

Some games may have an action or item that loots a dead mob (enemy). If so, this action/item can normally be assigned to a key or mouse button and therefore "pressed" by Chimpeon.

If a game can only loot by positioning the mouse pointer over a dead mob then clicking a mouse button, perform the following actions...

  1. Configure Chimpeon to "press" the mouse button you would normally press to loot.
  2. Specify the X and Y coordinates of where mob corpses consistently appear within loot range of your character.

If your game has an auto loot and a multi/aoe loot option, remember to enable them in-game.

Mobs are not automatically targetted

Some games may not automatically target a mob (enemy) by default when a key or mouse button associated with an attack action is "pressed" by Chimpeon. There is likely to be a game setting that will enable this functionality though. Find it and set it. Alternatively, if the game supports macros there may be a macro command for targetting a mob.

Is using Chimpeon legal?

Chimpeon is used at your own risk.

Fly Software Limited do not endorse the automation of games where such an action breaks the associated TOS/EULA.

Fly Software Limited is not responsible for any game or account bans, or financial loss as a result of using Chimpeon.

Despite all that, using Chimpeon is legal. Have fun with it!

Do you supply configurations for games?

Despite Chimpeon having the ability to open configuration files and import configuration strings, Fly Software Limited do not supply them for specific games. In fact, if using Chimpeon breaks the TOS/EULA of a game, we do not endorse its use with that game.

Google is your friend!

Issues with antivirus software

Virus or Malware Reported

Fly Software are aware that some antivirus software reports the Chimpeon setup file (chimpeon_setup.exe) to be a virus or malware. As a result, Chimpeon may unfortunately be quarantined or deleted by your antivirus software.

Chimpeon is not a virus, does not contain malware or spyware, does not log key actions and does not contain or install any third-party software. Any report by antivirus software that Chimpeon is a virus or malware is a false positive.

Fly Software Limited is a reputable company that has been operating for almost 10 years. It is not in our interest to provide software that harms or inconveniences the users we rely on for sales. We are also proactive in trying to get Chimpeon added to the white lists of antivirus software that incorrectly treats Chimpeon as a virus or malware.

Click here to view our antivirus report which we hope reassures you that Chimpeon is reputable, safe and only developed for its intended use - game automation.

To prevent your antivirus software quarantining or deleting the Chimpeon setup file, there is normally an option to temporarily turn it off. Consult your antivirus documentation for how to do this.

If you use antivirus software that reports Chimpeon to be a virus or malware, please contact us. We will then endeavour to get Chimpeon added to the software's white list.

Chimpeon Can't Send Keystrokes or Mouse Clicks to a Game

Some anti virus software may prevent Chimpeon sending keystrokes and mouse clicks to a game. To prevent this, set Chimpeon as an exception in your antivirus software, or exit or disable your antivirus software.


If none of the above resources solve your problem, please contact us.


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