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Configuring Chimpeon for Fishing

Find out how to automate fishing in an MMORPG where you cast a bobber then click it when a fish is hooked

Configuring Chimpeon for Fishing image

The purpose of this guide is to provide an understanding of how to configure Chimpeon to automate fishing in a typical MMORPG. Doing so will allow you to automatically level your fishing skill, catch a boat load of fish and make big wedge!

Chimpeon has a Pixel Detection feature and this is what you use to automate fishing. Pixel Detection works by looking for a pixel colour within a specified area of a game (in the case of fishing, the area where the bobber appears). When it detects the pixel colour, doesn't detect the pixel colour, or the pixel colour moves in a particular way, the associated Condition is satisifed (and the bobber is cast or clicked).

Pixel Detection window

Fig. Pixel Detection window

MORE: For further details about Pixel Detection, refer to Chimpeon Help > Pixel Detection.

In many MMORPG games, there are normally two phases to fishing:

  1. Cast the bobber
  2. Click the bobber when a fish is hooked (i.e. the bobber moves in a certain way)

Both these phases are handled by Pixel Detection. We're not going to publish instructions for how to setup Chimpeon to perform each of these phases - damn, that would be soooo boring. Instead, we're going to point you to a pre-configured Profile that you can download, import then tweak for your game and system requirements.

Download the Fish Profile

The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing.

UPDATED: 13 May 2021

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