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Stop AFK

Never get disconnected or kicked from a game

Stop AFK image


Presses the spacebar every 3 minutes.

Download (3 KB)


After importing the Profile into Chimpeon, one or more of the following changes may need to be made before it works.

The name of the game to stop AFK in "Stop AFK" Profile
Send To setting
The 3 minute value if it is not a suitable length of time "Stop AFK" Trigger
"Wait 3 Minutes" Condition
Process setting
Time Interval option
The Spacebar key if it is not suitable for performing an in-game action to prevent AFK (e.g. jump) "Stop AFK" Trigger
"Press Spacebar" Action
Perform setting
Keys/Mouse option
Selected setting

Import Instructions

  1. Click the download link above to download
  2. Click the Import Profile button (Import Profile button) in the Profiles panel.
  3. In the Import Profile window, locate then click it to select it.
  4. Click the Open button to close the Import Profile window and import the Profile.
UPDATED: 11 May 2021

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