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Windows Defender Smartscreen Appears When Installing Chimpeon

When Fly Software (the Chimpeon developer) renews its code signing certificate (which is applied to all software installations to prove they are developed and distributed by Fly Software), the "reputation" applied by Microsoft to the associated software is reset.

Sometimes it takes time for the software's "reputation" with Microsoft to improve naturally by users installing it or manually by Microsoft determining it to be trusted/recognised. It is during this period that Windows Defender Smartscreen reports the Chimpeon installation as unrecognised and potentially harmful.

Please be assured that Chimpeon is 100% safe to use and 100% free of malware and adware. Please also remember that Chimpeon has been installed and used by thousands of users throughout the world. It would not be in Fly Software's interests to release software that is anything but legitimate and safe to use.

Please review the Chimpeon virus report for further peace of mind.

How to Continue Installation

Despite Windows Defender Smartscreen displaying a warning about Chimpeon, you can still safely continue with installation by following this procedure in Smartscreen:

  1. Click the More info link.
  2. Click the Run anyway button.
  3. Continue with the normal installation process.

If you have further questions about Windows Defender Smartscreen or installing Chimpeon, please contact us.

UPDATED: 31 March 2021

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