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Attacking in an MMORPG

A combat rotation refers to the sequence of spells a user performs while fighting enemies in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG).

Each class in an MMORPG will have a different combat rotation due to the different spells each class has. These rotations are often complex due to the normally large number of spells and the different enemies and encounters faced in an MMORPG. Some classes don't strictly use a rotation of spells (e.g. Spell A... Spell B... Spell C... Spell A... Spell B... etc) but instead use a priority system to achieve the best damage (e.g. Spell A > Spell B > Spell C).

There is normally an optimal combat rotation for each class so the maximum amount of damage can be inflicted on the targetted enemy. However, performing this rotation can sometimes be difficult when so many other aspects of the game (such as avoiding enemy attacks and not standing in bad stuff) must also be considered.

MMORPG Screenshot image

A typical MMORPG that can have a combat rotation automated by Chimpeon

Chimpeon can be configured to automatically perform a combat rotation for many Windows-based MMORPG games. This ensures the optimal spell is used and the optimal damage is achieved. To help a player attain this, Chimpeon is often used alongside an in-game combat rotation addon that provides a visual indication of the best spell to use. Chimpeon is simply configured to recognise the on-screen prompt (normally a spell's icon) then press the key associated with the indicated spell.

Using Chimpeon to perform a combat rotation in an MMORPG not only maximises a player's damage it also allows them to concentrate on game tactics and staying alive in raids, dungeons and PVP encounters. It also helps players with disabilities by performing all or some spells and actions for them.

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