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An in-game action is not performed

When using Chimpeon, certain in-game actions may not be performed for any of the following reasons:

  • The in-game global cooldown is active.
  • The in-game action is on cooldown or unavailable.
  • The Trigger associated with the in-game action is disabled.
  • The Condition associated with the in-game action is disabled.
  • The Action associated with the in-game action is disabled.
  • If the Time Interval option is specified for the Process setting of a Condition, it may be exceptionally long (i.e. you have added too many zeros).
  • If the game is being streamed and Pixel Detection is being used, the pixel colour Chimpeon is looking for may be different in the game window due to it changing slightly. Use a Colour Range generated by a Colour List to overcome this.
  • The key or mouse action specified for the Keys/Mouse option of an Action's Perform setting is incorrect.
  • Chimpeon has not been started!

Many of these problems can be resolved by simply checking your Chimpeon settings are correct and monitoring the Log. Other problems may require you to specify and adjust further settings.

For further details, read the Getting Chimpeon Working With a Game guide.

Using the Tigger Pixel(s) option for the Action On setting of a Group is normally preferable when configuring combat rotations. Simply set the X and Y and colour or colour range of a pixel within an active/available in-game spell button or other applicable in-game graphic (like a spell icon shown by a rotation addon). However, if the Time Interval option is used instead, refer to the notes below about in-game cooldowns.

The In-Game Global Cooldown is Active

Many games have a global cooldown that is activated when certain actions are performed in-game. Global cooldowns differ in length from game to game and even from character to character, and each prevents other actions that share the global cooldown from being performed. For example, the button associated with a Wizard's Firebolt attack is pressed and as a result the global cooldown is activated. The button associated with a Wizard's Icepole attack is then immediately pressed but because the global cooldown is active, the Icepole attack is not performed in-game.

If you have an in-game action that is not performed or is performed erratically, and you are using the Time Interval option for the Action On setting of a Group, specify the milliseconds of your game's global cooldown in the Duration setting of the associated Action. Chimpeon will then "press" the associated key or mouse button for the length of time specified which will help to ensure the global cooldown has expired and the in-game action becomes useable. Alternatively, specify the milliseconds of the global cooldown for the Post Delay setting of an Action to ensure the next in-game action becomes useable.

NOTE: If the Time Interval value is frequent, and a Duration and/or Post Delay value for an associated Action is also specified, there will likely be a noticable delay in keys and mouse buttons being "pressed" by Chimpeon. The Duration and/or Post Delay value should therefore only have a high value (e.g. 1000 milliseconds) if the associated Time Interval value is of a resonable length (e.g. over 6000 millisends).

The In-Game Action is on Cooldown or Unavailable

Certain in-game actions have their own cooldown that prevents them from being performed until the cooldown expires. Other actions cannot be used until a certain in-game prerequisite is satisfied. For example, a Wizard could have an ability that only functions if the previous attack against a mob was dodged.

If an in-game action is not performed, firstly check the prerequiste is being satisfied. Secondly, set the Time Interval option for the Action On setting of a Group to a value slightly higher than the action's cooldown. If that doesn't help then set the Duration of the Action associated with the in-game action to a value that matches the game's global cooldown.

UPDATED: 31 March 2021

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