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FPS Game Automation

Own the Battlefield with Assisted Gameplay

Gameplay in a first person shooter (FPS) is normally frenetic. Couple that with the seemingly impossible skills of enemy players and you have a game that is frustratingly difficult to survive in let alone win in! And, if winning is your aim, having an edge over the enemy will undoubtedly help you get there.

Thankfully, Chimpeon is the perfect sidekick to assist your gameplay and help you win the fight!

FPS Screenshot image

A typical FPS game that can be automated by Chimpeon

Chimpeon Main interface image

Chimpeon Main interface

Chimpeon is a key sender and auto clicker that automates actions in almost any Windows FPS game. It does this by pressing keys and mouse buttons when certain conditions are satisfied. For example, Chimpeon could be configured to detect an enemy player then automatically attack them with pixel point precision.

Check out below what Chimpeon can automate in an FPS game and quickly discover it's all you need to pew pew!


What Chimpeon Can Do For You

Chimpeon can automate the following actions in almost any Windows FPS games

Target and Attack

Target enemy players or NPCs then automatically attack them. Simply configure Chimpeon to look for a unique pixel colour in the enemy then get ready for headshot glory!

Reload Weapon

Never have an empty weapon again by configuring Chimpeon to automatically reload when the magazine is almost empty and you're not in the middle of a frantic firefight.

Apply Armour

There's not much worse than being killed when there's armour in your backpack that would have saved you. Configure Chimpeon to automatically apply armour when you need it.


Stay in the fight longer by configuring Chimpeon to automatically use items like bandages or injectors when your health is critical. A game changer that makes you almost immortal!

Accept Queues

Relax when you're AFK by configuring Chimpeon to automatically accept match and battle queues for you. Never miss a fight again!

Disability Aid

If you have a disability or an injury that makes gameplay difficult, Chimpeon is your perfect partner. Use it to simplify your gameplay and stay competitive.

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