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Microsoft Store Game Automation

Progress in Games Even While You Sleep

There are thousands of Microsoft Store games available to play, from clickers to strategy games, and RPGs to shooters. Many contain elements that involve repetitive and time consuming actions. Actions that can be automated to save time, quicken progression and obtain rewards - even while you sleep!

Chimpeon provides you with the tools to automate almost any aspect of a Microsoft Store game so you can save time and avoid the humdrum!

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Chimpeon Main interface image

Chimpeon Main interface

Chimpeon is a key sender and auto clicker that automates actions in almost any Microsoft Store game. It achieves this by performing keystrokes and mouse clicks when certain conditions are satified - such as a timer expiring or when a pixel is detected. For example, Chimpeon could be configured to automatically shoot advancing enemies in an arcade game or drink a revival potion when low on health in an RPG.

Check out the MMORPG and FPS pages for ideas on how these types of Microsoft Store game can be automated.