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There are certain tasks in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) that can be tedius, time consuming or difficult to master. However, all must be performed in order to progress your character, conquer an enemy or be competitive with other players.

Thankfully, charging to your rescue like an imortal warrior on steroids comes Chimpeon, a Windows application that will banish the boredom, vanquish your time and perfect many aspects of gameplay safely and with ease.

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A typical MMORPG that can be automated by Chimpeon

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Chimpeon Main interface

Chimpeon is a key sender and auto clicker that has helped thousands of users automate games since 2016. Whether its pressing a key when an associated spell icon is ready, executing a sequence of actions to complete a task such as fishing, or simply preventing AFK, Chimpeon is the gold standard in automation for almost any MMORPG.

Alongside its automation prowess comes Chimpeon's ability to keep players "safe" and ban-free. It does this by working independently from the game, utilising many features to make automation more human-like and offering numerous ways to remain "hidden" from game developers.

Check out below what Chimpeon can automate in an MMORPG and quickly discover it's all you need to safely take your adventures to the next level.


What Chimpeon Can Do For You

Chimpeon is extremely versatile and can automate almost any action in an MMORPG

Combat Assist

Perform combat rotations and interrupt spells in dungeons, raids, battlegrounds and arenas so you can concentrate on tactics and not standing in bad stuff.

Level and Farm

Perform combat rotations for levelling and mob farming. Just position your character near mob spawn points and let Chimpeon do the killing and looting!


To most, fishing in an MMORPG is boring, yet it is often a great way to earn in-game currency. Chimpeon can take the tedium away by automating the process from cast to catch.

Accept Queues

Relax when you're away from the game by knowing that Chimpeon can automatically accept dungeon, raid, battleground and arena queues. Never miss a fight again!

Prevent AFK

Stop your character going AFK so you are always in game. Never again will you get kicked from a battleground and never will you need to re-queue to enter a busy realm/server.


Complete repetitive crafting professions without the need to laboriously click or press a crafting button yourself. Need 1000 widgets created? Chimpeon will get it done!


Want to get your message across in-game? Then use Chimpeon to automate your chat. Perfect for advertising game services, guilds, gear and currency!

Disability Aid

If you have a disability or an injury that makes gameplay difficult, Chimpeon is your perfect partner. Use it to simplify your gameplay and stay competitive.

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