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Roblox Game Automation

Automatically progress in almost any Roblox game

Whether you play MeepCity, Jailbreak, Brookhaven or any one of the millions of games that are available in the Roblox environment, Chimpeon can automate almost any of them in some way. What you can automate is only limited by your imagination so if you want to progress in a Roblox game with minimal effort or while AFK, Chimpeon is your perfect partner.

Quickly and easily configure Chimpeon to grind away in your favourite Roblox game so you get to the next level in record time or earn an accessory or other reward without ever pressing a key or mouse button yourself!

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Chimpeon Main interface image

Chimpeon Main interface

Chimpeon works by pressing keys and mouse buttons when certain conditions are satisfied in a Roblox game - such as a timer expiring or when a pixel is detected. For example, it could be configured to continually press the mouse button to attack and kill something, press the reload button when you're out of ammo or simply perform a repetitive task.

The features and flexibility of Chimpeon will enable you to automate almost any Roblox game. Think it and Chimpeon can probably do it!

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