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Automating an MMORPG

Many aspects of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) can be automated, and there are a huge number of applications known as bots available to do this. However, it is common for these bots to manipulate game files and memory to achieve automation. As such, their use is detectable by game developers, resulting in players having their accounts banned. Not only that, bots are notoriously difficult to configure and often require additional third-party software.

Thankfully, Chimpeon provides a simpler and safer solution for automating an MMORPG.

Typical MMORPG

A typical MMORPG that can be automated by Chimpeon

Chimpeon is a key sender and auto clicker. It has helped to keep users safe by not manipulating game files or memory, and not requiring the use of third-party software.* Instead, Chimpeon simply presses keys and mouse buttons when certain conditions such as a timer, or one or more in-game pixel colours are matched (or not).*

*Chimpeon can be used alongside third-party streaming software to further minimise the risk of detection.

Chimpeon interface

Chimpeon interface and configuration windows

What Actions Can Chimpeon Automate?

Chimpeon is extremely versatile and can automate almost any action in an MMORPG.
The most common are listed below:

  • Combat Helper

    Perform combat rotations and interrupt spells in dungeons, raids, battlegrounds and arenas so you can concentrate on tactics and not standing in bad stuff. Works great with game combat rotation addons!
    Read the 101

  • Levelling and Farming

    Perform combat rotations for levelling and mob farming. Just position your character near mob spawn points and let Chimpeon do the killing and looting!
    Read the 101

  • Fishing

    Automate fishing using the Area Scan feature! Simple to setup, and like every other aspect of Chimpeon, it works 100% out of process making it one of the safest ways to fish.
    Read the 101

  • Accepting Queues

    Automatically accept dungeon, raid, battleground and arena queues so you never miss a fight again!
    Read the 101

  • Preventing AFK

    Stop your character going AFK so you are always in game and you never have to re-queue to enter a busy realm/server.
    Read the 101

  • Crafting

    Complete repetitive crafting professions without needing to laboriously click or press a crafting button yourself.
    Read the 101

  • Chatting

    Want to get your message across in-game? Then use Chimpeon to automate your chat. Perfect for advertising game services, guilds, gear and currency!
    Read the 101

  • Disability Aid

    If you have a disability or an injury that makes gameplay difficult, Chimpeon is your perfect partner. Use it to simplify your game.
    Read the 101

Automate an MMORPG Now!


Chimpeon is used at your own risk.
Fly Software Limited do not endorse the automation of games
where such an action breaks the associated TOS/EULA.
Fly Software Limited is not responsible for any game bans, account bans,
or financial loss as a result of using Chimpeon.

Despite all that jazz, using Chimpeon is legal. Have fun with it!

Read our Terms & Conditions and the Chimpeon EULA.

Discover the games that detect Chimpeon and how you can take measures to stay safe and ban free.


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